The “pizza and music nights” are a popular thing up in Ojai. Every Sunday during the summer the surfer- and pizza guy Ben creates some delicious pizzas with ingredients picked from the organic farm nearby in the morning, and at 6pm a long line of Ojai locals are waiting to be seated. The line are usually all the way down the road and even yesterday night the line was long.  The Farmer Steven and his Cook Olivia runs this 100% organic cafe and health food store and also owns the farm. Such a great concept, If you ask me.


When we asked them to be one of our guests in the cookbook they decided to arrange an extra pizza night, just for us… since the season for those nights has ended. That was such a nice gesture and we are beyond grateful! So fun to help making some pizzas and serving them and just inhale the whole valley wibe for a little bit.


The beautiful mom to be Johanna who runs TheGoodLifer and her Marc.


I really like Ojai and the more I’m there, the more familiar faces i see and i do like the small town feel. I’m from a small town so I will probably end up in one, one day.


Ben is baking pizzas like no one else. He is sharing 2 delicious creations with us. But you have to wait until next summer/fall for it. SO GOOD!


It was packed with people and Todd Hannigan was playing all night. If you like mellow singer songwriters, he is something for you.