tropics & a creamy green smoothie

This sunrise morning felt like an early morning on the beach in Hawaii. I remember that I walked out early waiting for the breakfast to open so I could get a fresh papaya with lime. It’s not exactly the same here, but for a moment It felt like it. Already so warm outside, only a few joggers out and cool sand. I dunno what’s going on but for the next coming days it will be seemoookin hot here. I like it A LOT! 🙂

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Instead of a fresh juicy papaya I had a thick and creamy greenie. I filled the vitamix with spinach, avocado, mango, flax seeds, hemp seeds, maca, cinnamon and almond milk. It’s a meal!

IMG_0450 IMG_0453

I’ve got nothing but this

It’s been way to crowded here in venice today.  But this is pretty! The sky looks like ice cream swirl or something.



This is made for eating!

My new favorite beverage at the moment belongs on the picnic table. It’s so easy to make your own vitamin water just by adding some fresh herbs, fruits and berries. Even veggies can be dropped down the jars. Drinking water with healing herbs and antioxidants from fresh berries is not only nutritious and delicious, it looks nice as well.


Here is the beach picnic recipes I promised. The sandwiches are delicious. All ingredients are picked up at the farmers market in Ojai. Why would I go all the way up there to shop for a picnic? Why not? 🙂 

I also picked up a freshly baked country sourdough for the sandwiches at one of the healthy eateries in town called “farmer and the cook”.  Nothing beats a good farmers market or delicious bread coming straight out of the oven for that matter. Enjoy!

Photo by Martin Löf.

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Some extras.

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