Pom & Flora

Looking for a good breakfast? Look no more. Pom & Flora offers “weekend breakfast” with breads, eggs, jam, pickled veggies, cheese, ham and pressed juice. They also have chia puddings, avocado sandwiches and other delicious things. I had a greek yoghurt with homemade granola and berries and two lovely ladies by my side for breakfast. This was yesterday… when it wasn’t raining. Visit Pom & Flora!

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A taste of L.A… or Brazil.

When you need a good one, head over to the guys at  6/5/4  – a lifestyle store with clothes, surf gear and other cool products. These guys loves to surf… and drink coffee in their cool espresso bar… and eat Acai bowls all the time… just like I do when I’m in L.A.

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Stockholms Matmarknad, see you soon :)

I might be the last one on the ball here but this place did not exist when I was in  Stockholm back in October. Stockholms Matmarknad looks fantabulous and everyday I’m drooling over these rainbow smoothies that Detoxlife are posting.  I can’t wait to try one of those. And I can’t wait to eat some of their seafood dishes either. If anyone of you never been to Stockholm, you should go here and try some seafood… It’s really good and something I miss living in L.A. We don’t have the bay shrimps there, at least they don’t taste anywhere near what you get here, and the seafood platters are always a delicious idea. See you in Stockholm!

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I found these pictures online.