Another book is in the making! :)

I am so happy over the fact that i get to do another book!  Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize it’s not a dream…  and to actually have a book out in stores now that sells well is also an amazing feeling and – and I’m really proud over it. So thankful for my awesome publisher Ebba at Norstedts for letting me do it again. So, this time I’m teaming up with the one and only Stephanie Bjelkstam who runs the online mag TheDailyGood. We have been working together many times before and now we’re putting our creative minds together in L.A for a few months. It’s going to be healthy delicious foods and treats and she is taking all the pics and are doing the graphic design. We will also have a few guest appearances from some favorite gems around where I usually hang out…  of course Santa Barbara is in there 🙂 and Topanga, Malibu, Santa Monica and Ojai. It will be fun!

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Forest feast inspiration

Happy friday to you all. I was browsing thru some cookbooks at Firefly the other day. Firefly is a store on Abbot Kinney where they always have a great selection of fun cookbooks. Here is some food inspo for your cabin in the woods. Don’t have a forest cabin? Oh well… ok then, I think it might work anywhere :-).  Erin Gleeson is a food photographer/artist and she shares her vegetarian recipes, prepared and served in her little cabin in the woods here in Cali for anyone who likes easy and delicious food. I’m interested in the asparagus tart, the zucchini bread… well, all of it AND the cabin as well.  Check out Forest Feast for some more ideas.

IMG_6693 IMG_6686 IMG_6687 IMG_6694tumblr_n9t17d5WnB1r4p2epo9_1280By Erin Gleeson