Lovely shop in Malibu

We went to Malibu Cafe up in the canyon the other day. I really like this place. It’s like an escape into the wilderness where rustic meets classy. They have a pretty decent restaurant there, bars in the yard, pool table and big wooden chairs facing a tiny lake. Anyway, this is a new lovely lifestyle boutique nestled in their lush yard. Don’t miss it after your “fish taco and kale salad” lunch.


Otto Calamigos Ranch

IMG_0915 IMG_0916


Another kind of Sunrise on Abbot Kinney

I dropped by Another Kind of Sunrise this morning for some good fuel. This is a sweet little gem down a hidden path on Abbot Kinney.  A whole in the wall. Small menu. Great menu. Only open for brekky and lunch with a large following.  I hear that people are bragging about their Buttery Brew coffee where they blend coconut oil, grass fed ghee and roasted organic coffee.  They serve gluten free goods, smoothies, herbal teas, cold pressed juices and acai bowls.


A shack in the alley. Down the path. Another kind of Sunrise.


The Brazilian acai bowl.


Venice are full of small little gems.


Another gem in Santa Barbara

I love the smell of eucalyptus trees and Santa Barbara is a great place to inhale.  Last sunday we did a sunset hike along the bluffs  above Hendry’s beach called Douglas Family Presrve. This park is so beautiful and serene, a place for the locals to bring their dogs and to get a fresh ocean breeze. When we live up here (a few years from now ) I will do my morning runs right here,  for sure. This is a pretty short hike but if you combine it with a run down at the beach you’ll get a pretty good workout.  Santa Barbara, I can’t get enough of you.  IMG_7086 IMG_7080 IMG_7088IMG_7099

Lots of fallen trees.

IMG_7094  IMG_7105 IMG_7106   IMG_7104

Resting on a fallen tree.