Peacocks and whales is what you get when visiting Angelica just a little south of Venice. This is a male peacock making himself all pretty and handsome for all the women in the neighborhood (the peacock women I assume) hoping to score. They walk around in her yard… in everyones yard, on the streets, on peoples roofs and think they own the block. I would too If I looked like that! 🙂IMG_0486

We decided to celebrate our small birthdays with a lovely spa day at Terranea spa in Palos Verdes. Such a nice place to just hang all day, swim a little, chill a little, eat a little and chat a lot. Love it.


Started off with a fresh berry smoothie in the heat. Then we had flax crackers with guac and a delicious egg scramble.


Angelica are whale watching! We saw two whales splash their huge fins while heading north. So amazing to see.


The second one got so close but of course I missed it with the camera. But down there you can see water splashing. Thank you Angelica for such a nice day.