trails and bowls

We went out to Point Dume this morning for a mini hike up at the bluff. Most of the yellow Daisies are dried out by now, but it’s still really pretty and fun to watch the sea lions play in the water.  Way more fun than the huge rattlesnake Marlene almost stepped on. The first rattle of the season, a big thick angry rattle, yikes!


And then… the mandatory Acai bowl at Sunlife Organics to fill up on some good antioxidants and super foods. Acai bowls are the perfect breakfast, snack, lunch or just whenever meal you feel like.


Cavin it!

We hiked up to the wind-swept caves today. It was a decent hike in the heat AND just as pretty as we expected. There is only rolling hills, mountains, cows, alcapas and goats around here. Not wild! And then there are these caves and the wildflower fileds that leads to them.  I was stoked!  This hike is located a little more than 20 miles north of Santa Barbara, along the Gaviota coast. Here is how you get here, if you’re around and need a leg stretcher one of these days. I can highly recommend it.

IMG_0311 IMG_0321

No snakes.


But lots of Hawks.


Mother nature, you’re so pretty.

IMG_0346 IMG_0350

Mini hike in the Point Dume prettyness

You might be tired of me and my wildflowers by now. But I just have to show you this. I never get tired of it and i head over to Point Dume often when the yellows are in season. It frames up the Dume so nicely. I took a mini hike here today. I can’t think of any place more pretty than this with easy access from Venice. The  further north, the prettier California gets, I think. This is one of L.A’s hidden jewels and if you take your time up here you might even see a whale or two migrating.


I always park by the Dume itself. It has only a few spots but If you wait a little someone will soon leave. And then I walk up around the Dume over to the other side where I can see all the way to Zuma Beach. I walk down to Westward beach which is the one below the Dume,  and then back up again, around the other side all the way to the top. The views are insane from up there. And the beaches below on both directions are fantastic. Little Dume Beach, Pirates Cove and Westward Beach.  The Point Dume hike. 

IMG_0123 IMG_0125 IMG_0129 IMG_0130  IMG_0135 IMG_0136

Don’t wanna miss it if you’re here, and definitely not end feb, march and april.