Cavin it!

We hiked up to the wind-swept caves today. It was a decent hike in the heat AND just as pretty as we expected. There is only rolling hills, mountains, cows, alcapas and goats around here. Not wild! And then there are these caves and the wildflower fileds that leads to them.  I was stoked!  This hike is located a little more than 20 miles north of Santa Barbara, along the Gaviota coast. Here is how you get here, if you’re around and need a leg stretcher one of these days. I can highly recommend it.

IMG_0311 IMG_0321

No snakes.


But lots of Hawks.


Mother nature, you’re so pretty.

IMG_0346 IMG_0350

Solstice or something

Now when I got some more energy, I just have to take every moment I have to cruise up to the mountains somewhere close for a breather. Tomorrow if it’s not raining I’ve got Solstice Canyon in mind.


There is a pool where Olive can get wet and dirty in and rocks to jump on. If we continue we end up  fields with unlimited views.I hope the weather will be nice. Its been raining heavy tonight so maybe its to muddy. If so, a Point Dume hike would be great. 🙂

IMG_2908 IMG_2922


Tuna Canyon!

I snuck up here this morning. I needed some fine Topanga Canyon air, foggy mountain views and seeing no people but a horse. That’s my favorite on a hike, no peeps around, just horses. Check out Tuna Canyon hike here. On a clear day the ocean views are stunning and there are lots of small trails allover the place, never gets boring that way.

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