Renee Voltaire Riddargtan 3, Pepstop!

Renee Voltaire has some great news for us. She just opened up a new joint on Riddargatan 3 in Stockholm. Pepstop gives you her vegan healthy eating easy to grab on the go. I think she offers coconuts as well (yay) and all her healthy vitamin packed goods plus salads and treats. Swing by if you’re around and fill up on some healthy delicious things, organic, never processed, clean and natural. I’m gonna check it out next week for sure. Happy Healthy Lifestyle!


Dark chocolate bark with chili and pink salt, YUM!

Guys, I’m in chocolate heaven! Yesterday i finally got to try Food By Emily Emily’s famous chocolate barks and they were incredible delicious. I love the chili and caramel combination so much I wanna eat it all the time. All organic, all homemade with that little extra luv we all deserve. If you live here, you can even order her delicious salads from Good Eggs straight to your door, or you can order her chocolates online. She also makes delicious handcrafted truffles…. just saying!


Emily says:

“My philosophy is to let ingredients shine for their true beauty and play with flavor combinations to highlight each one. My style of cooking is seasonal, mindful, intentional and preferably organic. Sustainable. Everything is made from scratch. I source out the best tasting and highest quality ingredients, venture out to the local farmers markets to find what is in season and buy the best produce locally. Then the fun begins! I play in the kitchen to create delicious, culinary and authentic experiences for you” 

Don’t miss out on these treats, Emily is a very talented girl!


SweetC Healthy Treats

Vi kommer få se mer och mer av dessa typer av treats här i Sverige i framtiden och jag tycker det är riktigt kul att fler och fler börjar erbjuda ett nyttigare alternativ… och ett godare dessutom. Igår träffade jag en rar tjej som brinner för en hälsosam livsstil och som just startat upp SweetC Treats.  Hon erbjuder jättefina hemgjorda treats som bara är gjorda på naturliga ingredienser… ni vet sådana där goda och nyttiga rawfood bollar, granola bars och rawfood cakes. Om ni har något roligt event eller så på gång så skulle jag absolut anlita henne. Hon gör allt med lite extra luv! 🙂

Kontakta henne på Insta om ni är sugna på delicious och nutritious treats. Hon heter Charlotte Lagercrantz.