Juice Ranch in Superhälsa

Say hello to Erin, Scott and doggy Rad Burrito. They are special guests in Superhälsa and live a green lovely lifestyle on one of the nicest beaches in California, Yup… Santa Barbara it is. And they own the very first Juice Bar in town called Juice Ranch. In Superhälsa I’m getting to know them a little better and I’m helping Erin prep a savory energizing and cleansing green juice and writing a little about their take on health. Scotty boy? He was out surfing 🙂 Pics by TheDailyGood

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Happy midsummer!

Headed to Malibu to check out Sunlife Organics brand new spot at the Malibu Country Mart. There is so much great stuff in there and a wonderful addition to the shopping.

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I had a Big Dume: Young thai coconut, avocado, raw vanilla bean and cashew butter.


Brought it with me to the sunny beach. To the sunny and empty beach… just the way I like it.


Thirsty on greens from Juicebox

One thing I missed during this pregnancy is bottled cold pressed juices. Can’t have them cuz they are not pasteurized. I can only have them if they are made fresh to order. And here there are not that many other alternative to get a cold pressed fresh made unless I make my own which I do, but not every day. BUT, this truck does! They offer bottled and cold pressed juices fresh made. Yum, this was a good one, basil, cucumber, apple, mint, lime and ice.

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