Picnic idea… again.

Now when we have insane summer weather both here and in Sweden I thought I just show you these pics again. The food is good… and healthy. We have a huge platter with fresh farmers veggies with avocado dipp. We have a peach and burrata sandwich with basil and a pomegranate balsamic on sourdough, we have berry infused waters, chickpea, feta, parsley and lemon salad, coconuts and cherries. Easy breezy. Makes me wanna head out and do a picnic. A 4th of july beach picnic, a mini version maybe. 🙂
IMG_4616 IMG_4618 IMG_4607

This is made for eating!

My new favorite beverage at the moment belongs on the picnic table. It’s so easy to make your own vitamin water just by adding some fresh herbs, fruits and berries. Even veggies can be dropped down the jars. Drinking water with healing herbs and antioxidants from fresh berries is not only nutritious and delicious, it looks nice as well.


Here is the beach picnic recipes I promised. The sandwiches are delicious. All ingredients are picked up at the farmers market in Ojai. Why would I go all the way up there to shop for a picnic? Why not? 🙂 

I also picked up a freshly baked country sourdough for the sandwiches at one of the healthy eateries in town called “farmer and the cook”.  Nothing beats a good farmers market or delicious bread coming straight out of the oven for that matter. Enjoy!

Photo by Martin Löf.

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Some extras.

image-009 image-000-2 image-032image-025

Gypsy style picnic

Jag är ute och Pinterestar och har mig. Letar efter fina idéer och inspiration till en liten beach picknick vi ska plåta om ett par veckor. En hälsopicknick med smarrig mat som är lätt att packa med sig. Jag älskar den här stilen, så typiskt Kalifornien. Lite gypsy boho style, sådär. Visst ser det väl underbart ut? Alla bilder är lånade från Pinterest.

tumblr_mmh7yr2l1r1qb4vw2o1_1280 boho-beach sandiegoeventplanner_gypsy_table_dlarjelkj-800x586 gypsy-wedding-06 vintage picnic gypsy-wedding-07

I am browsing around Pinterest for some picnic on the beach inspiration for a upcoming shoot we are doing soon. A picnic with healthy delicious food easy to pack in a basket and hit the beach. I love this boho gypsy style and sit right there all day and nibble on food 🙂  All pics are from Pinterest.