Dudley Market, welcome to the block!

I pass this building every single day and nothing has been going on for a very long time. I knew it was gonna be a coffee shop of some sort, but it’s more than that. Dudley Market is a place where you can get simple honest food made by biodynamic produce from local farmers, artisan cheeses, fine wines, cold pressed juices and other kitchen essentials like olive oils and such. Open all day, every day. I say welcome to the block!
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Dudley Market


Pictures found online, LA eater.

Santa Barbara valley tips

I have not only cravings for chocolates, I crave Santa Barbara too, a loot! And I wonder If I’m gonna have time to hang out there before Bean comes. I hope so. Anyway, here is a tip if you are traveling in the SB wine country and need some fresh strawberries for the road. Finley Farms is the cutest little road stand that offers a huge variety of organic produce, harvested right there and then. It’s not only good stuff you get there, you get the nicest views over Santa Ynez, the farms and vineyards.


Im a huge fan of Santa Barbaras valley, It’s so mellow and pretty.

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If no one’s around, use the honor system. Pay what you owe in the bin and and enjoy your finds.

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Ocean breeze breakfast

I was here at Malibu Farm as early as 9 am for a good and healthy breakfast – organic kale apple juice, quinoa oatmeal with coconut milk and berries.  So warm and nice already, good waves, mellow and just perfect. Perfect the Malibu way where weekdays are so chill.  In the beginning of the pier Helene just opened an outside lounge where she serves ice cream, acaii bowls, juice, organic sodas, coffee, tea, smoothies and things.  She is doing something really good for Malibu, I think.

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