Detox your hair for summer!

I don’t know about you guys but I sure do have some summer feelings already,  its hard not to in 78 degrees and sun. I just read these tips and tricks for detoxing your hair, all simple and pretty natural. My own hair is still recovering from a bad hairstylist experience almost a year ago and I’m trying to do everything I can to help it in the right direction… but I don’t always have the patience for it. I would love some strong and shiny hair for summer 🙂

Detox your hair, from Health Mag!

I’v been trying to use coconut oil for almost 2 years now but it doesn’t work so great on my hair. I think its too fine. Olive oil is better and also almond oil. I love almond oil and use it on the skin as well. Coconut oil is great for my skin too and shea butter. Oh well… let us prep for summer, shall we?

longevity and youthfulness

Good morning Stockholm!

I slept like a princess all night and just woke up to a sunny friday morning. It’s incredible how fast and easy it is to fly with Norwegian straight from L.A… IF it’s on time, which it were. xI am here just for a few days for a big birthday celebration. Justin is flying in tomorrow and then the rest of my family is coming here as well.


 I’m sitting here sipping on some raspberry leaf tea with some healing  pearl powder which is finely milled powder from seawater pearls.  “Pearl Powder has a time honored reputation as an unsurpassed beauty tonic. It is said to improve irritations of the skin and to promote lustrous, clear, moist, and supple skin. Legendary beauties of the Orient credited Pearl with keeping their youthful looks well into old age”. I will start today and drink pearl every morning and maybe evening for a month to see how I feel and i’ll report it back to you.