When nature calls! part 1

I’m cleaning out and organizing in my Iphoto who has gazillions of pictures at the moment which makes everything so slow. But like always when I”m supposed to be organizing I find myself going thru pics from the past and then i dream away.  So, I thought I’ll share some that i posted on my old blog… a long time ago. Just to get you into this great outdoor mode and show what we are surrounded with over here we’ll start in the mountains above Ojai, at a campground called Wheeler Gorge.


I remember this long weekend as one of the most chill and relaxing ever. It was so hot outside and all we could do was BBQ,  chill in in the hammock, go for short hikes or just sit around listening to the wildlife.


If Justin where to decide, we would be eating freeze- dried vacuum-packed rice and beans with his moraknife, just like all the adventurists would do. No way hosay! When car camping, the whole idea is to bring whatever you want, cus you don’t have to carry it. So i folded up a good salmon with feta, herbs, lemon and veggies and thru it over the fire… which was very much appreciated.


There they are, getting all juicy and delicious on us. It tastes so damn great eating out in the wild like this.

IMG_1270 IMG_1338

Justin is very, VERY much into his gear. We could survive in the woods for months with whatever gear he has. And everything is foldable into very small peaces. So clever… he says! I was so glad i got to take a shower in the heat. Just fill this bag with water from the stream, place it on a hot sunny rock for an hour and then hang it up in a tree. Voila! It feels so damn great showering out in the wild like this.


So fun exploring the surrounding trails..


Gorgeous sunrises over the mountains.


 It’s also great to have a roof over the hammock. This hammock can hold you up hanging from huge rocks with nothing underneath.. I’v seen picture of people doing that. I’m perfectly fine with less then a meter to the ground. Hammocks are great thing out int he wild. And a good way to keep away from spiders. I have a huge fobia for spiders and i did run into some large straggly ones.


If you ever go to L.A and want to experience something different than what you’re used to, but on your hiking boots and fill the car with some goods, a tent and some good friends and then you’re all set for a weekend out in the wild.  It IS a nice thing to do and you feel so rested and fresh afterwords. I think its important to get in tune with nature. Everything great comes from there… you know!

Next time I’ll tell you about the REAL wilderness with carry heavy backbacks and stuff. 🙂

It’s been too long!

Too long since I’ve been up here, or anywhere near for that matter. The serenity is amazing and this rock is where Justin took me on our first week together… 5 years ago. It’s still just as magic and just as pretty, my favorite little rock in Topanga. We shot here today btw! 🙂


The light during sunset is just gorgeous.


And glowing!


Catalina, and some fog… or smog.



I haven’t been up in the canyon for a few days now, and it’s crazy how much i miss it… and need it. Look how pretty it is when the sun sets in Topanga,