Hello and happy 4th of July!! We live right by the beach and the beach down here turns into a little madhouse on 4th so I went out early for a long beach walk and then I’ve been hiding out in the hammock by the BBQ and I haven’t heard anything from the festivities, at all. I really like to just chill on big holidays unless we go somewhere far a few days ahead cuz of the traffic. We had some friends over for some grilled goods and just chilled out which was really nice and relaxing.


Watermelon topped with blueberries, pomegranate seeds, strawberries, coconut flakes and some lime squeeze. Fun, fresh and healthy.  Load up on watermelon this summer. Dress it up with anything you like. It works well with pretty much anything. Feta cheese and mint are one of my favorites. Figs works good and looks pretty. Or cover it all with loads of fruis and berries and some arugula maybe.. yum! 🙂