Thirsty on greens from Juicebox

One thing I missed during this pregnancy is bottled cold pressed juices. Can’t have them cuz they are not pasteurized. I can only have them if they are made fresh to order. And here there are not that many other alternative to get a cold pressed fresh made unless I make my own which I do, but not every day. BUT, this truck does! They offer bottled and cold pressed juices fresh made. Yum, this was a good one, basil, cucumber, apple, mint, lime and ice.

IMG_1528  IMG_1531

New store alert!

Abbot Kinney is growing constantly. One of my favorite brands Vince are opening up soon for example. Great stuff! This is also a good one. Sundry – the softest most comfy clothes ever. Sweats and tees and pants. And yes, across the street you see the Swedish Happy Socks store… also soon to be open. Heja!


Not your grandma’s bowl

The “grandma bowl” over at Another kind of Sunrise is a 5 buck bowl with organic cereal of your choice, raw cacao nibs, nut butter, banana and their own lavender almond milk. Absolutely perfect for me these days when hunger strikes a little here and there. They also serve this!

IMG_1158 IMG_1161