Kombucha with white chia seeds

Good morning sunday! I can see the morning sun finding it’s way thru the blinds. It’s gonna be another hot summer day today. How about something really refreshing? Here is a glass of ginger kombucha with added white chia seeds. A sparkling chia drink loaded with healthy probiotics and lots of omega 3 from the tiny but powerful chia seed. It’s simply delicious!

Have a beautiful sunday!

Foto: Susanne Kindt



summernite lights

A local brew, a few podcasts and the summernite lights of Venice is a pretty great summery on my friday evening. The brew is a kombucha brew,  from Malibu. Tasty stuff! Did you know that 80% of your immune system sits in the gut? That’s why I’m a kombucha freak. 🙂


 Nite nite!