Happy midsummer!

Headed to Malibu to check out Sunlife Organics brand new spot at the Malibu Country Mart. There is so much great stuff in there and a wonderful addition to the shopping.

IMG_1569IMG_1566 IMG_1567 IMG_1568

I had a Big Dume: Young thai coconut, avocado, raw vanilla bean and cashew butter.


Brought it with me to the sunny beach. To the sunny and empty beach… just the way I like it.


Raw Clarity

I stopped by Filippa today for a quick fix.  A quick fix made with lots of love. I had huge cravings for a good homemade almond milk, 100% organic and super delicious. One with raw cacao and one with cinnamon. YUM!Thanks so so much for those lovely beverages.  Filippa are releasing her first book in August called Socker Detox. Very exciting! When you need her juices and mylks, head over to Grev Turegatan 38 in Stockholm and stock up. 

The chocolate one is half way thru… mmmm

Zugo Liquitarian

Zugo Liquitarian truck was a big surprise. An organic superfood truck, or a rolling health kitchen, or just a juicetruck with extra everything. At the Melrose Flea Market I ran into Zugo and saw that they offered nutritious and delicious drinks and treats like smoothies, juices, acai bowls, elixirs and more. Zugo truck! Please come to Venice.