Health, motherhood and doing what I luv :)

Hello hello, I relocated to Stockholm. I’m sitting in a comfy chair looking out over Stockholms rooftops at the moment. It’s a little sun, a little clouds and little chilly outside, but pretty. Anyway, this week I’m featured at Click here to read the whole interview about health, motherhood and doing what I love. Happy monday!

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“Inspirational babes” Interview

Good morning. I just did a long interview (in english this time) with the former “The Raw Food Sisters” Katrin Selmer.

We talk about making business out of a passion, life in California, healthy living and much more. Check it out and also read the interviews from the other ladies from all over the world, very inspiring. Thank you Katrin for letting me be one of the “inspirational babes”

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Women’s health Sverige

Happy friday peeps! I’m off for a shoot and interview with this magazine, one of my favorites – Women’s Health. I like their approach a lot and I think it’s wonderful with a Swedish edition now.

Happy friday alla härliga. Jag är på väg till en plåtning och intervju med den här tidningen, Women’s Health  – den svenska versionen. Den amerikanska Woman’s Health har varit en av mina favorit magasin under massa år nu och  jag blir alltid så inspirerad varje gång ett nytt nummer kommer ut. Jättekul att den äntligen kommit till Sverige. 

woman's health sverige

Read the American way here and the Swedish way here.