Thirsty on greens from Juicebox

One thing I missed during this pregnancy is bottled cold pressed juices. Can’t have them cuz they are not pasteurized. I can only have them if they are made fresh to order. And here there are not that many other alternative to get a cold pressed fresh made unless I make my own which I do, but not every day. BUT, this truck does! They offer bottled and cold pressed juices fresh made. Yum, this was a good one, basil, cucumber, apple, mint, lime and ice.

IMG_1528  IMG_1531

Hälsokick in French and German, so cool!

I’m feeling really proud and humble over the fact that Hälsokick is translated in both german and french so far. There’s actually even more countries to come :).  It feels fantastic to share the book larger and wider for all the health minded and health curious peeps out there. Vielen Dank and Merci Beacoup!

Balance your Life – Smoothies, säfte, snacks.

Jus, smoothies & en-cas gourmands – pour booster votre santé. 

Susanne Kindt Photography.


love citrus juices

I ended up at the farmers market this morning. Needed a bunch of citrus fruits and some flowers. I love juicing blood oranges and tangerines for a good C vitamin boost and some sunshine in a glass.


The juice:  Oranges, blood oranges, tangerines, pear and a hint of ginger. Gimme!


Good kale for pizza night. I throw kale on a gluten free crust with some asiago cheese, chili flakes and olive oil. It’s delicious!


Almonds and almond butter in all sorts of flavors, so good.