My first real preggo cravings

No crazy cravings… but still. My first 11 weeks of pregnancy when I felt a little nauseous here and there, I had a hard time figuring out what to eat. I was picturing different dishes in my head, but the second later I got so incredible grossed out by them all so I ended up with box of cherry tomatoes!? That was my go-to snack and it worked pretty well.  I haven’t felt any real cravings until yesterday when I had to have pellegrino (I usually don’t drink bubble water) and a certain kind of chocolate ( I usually only eat raw chocolate) at the same time and I needit it now! Such a weird feeling but kind of fun….  and good to see Justin fly ot the door to get some. – Älskling, this is your first pregnancy craving! He he. It’s always fun to hear other peoples pregnancy cravings. Did you have any crazy ones you’d like to share?




Health, motherhood and doing what I luv :)

Hello hello, I relocated to Stockholm. I’m sitting in a comfy chair looking out over Stockholms rooftops at the moment. It’s a little sun, a little clouds and little chilly outside, but pretty. Anyway, this week I’m featured at Click here to read the whole interview about health, motherhood and doing what I love. Happy monday!

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The Acai bowl in Vasastan

Guys, if you live in Vasastan in Stockholm, you can get one of these Acai Bowls on your way to work, during lunch or after work or just any time you like.  Eko Vera serves it and soon Olssons Juice, that new juice bar.  Delicious and nutritious.  I know what I’m gonna eat when in Stocholm. I’m eating Acai bowls several times a week in LA and during my first trimester when I felt a little nauseous here and there, these bowls were the perfect cure.  Don’t miss out! Chers!