Iv’ve been craving this place for months and months now, since I started to follow them on Instagram. And today I finally got to go. I found myself driving along Melrose Ave, and saw it pop up on my right hand side. So I stopped and walked inside of this small joint. One thing I like about L.A is all the joints everywhere. This town is MADE for quick stops, grabbing a bite to go and then eat in the car. I do it all the time, It’s a real time saver. Anyway, this place is all vegan and green. It’s like a food truck but without the truck. They specializes in falafels with different flavors. Falafel sandwiches and falafel plates. So I grabbed a kale falafel in pita with salad and tahini. Oh man, how good was it you think? Yeah, exactly! It was awesome. I wondering what to do now, so I can be close to it every day. They also have fresh coconuts and things. Love it.



Please Fala Bar, open up on the west side as well.


I’ll promise I will be there… everyday?


It’s on Melrose and Genesee. Here are pics of some of the falafel plates, looking good!  This place is all organic, locally sourced and gluten free except for the pita.


“Hole in the wall places” are the best.