….I’m making raw chocolate and I swear that nothing could be easier than to make homemade healthy chocolate. These ingredients is ALL you need plus the flavors you pick. I picked peppermint oil, sea salt, almonds and coconut flakes for these guys.

Raw chocolate in Swedish:

1 dl melted raw cacao butter

7 tbsp raw cacao powder

3 tbsp raw coconut sugar

1 krm peppermint oil

1 krm sea salt

coconut flakes

nuts, go nuts with them, any kind.

Melt the butter on very low temp if you want raw chocolate,  pour into a bowl, add the rest of the ingredients, one by one, make sure to stir so It gets totally smooth. Pour onto a baking sheet and top with the nuts, or you can add the nuts right before you pour if you want them inside the chocolate. I made one thin batch and one thick. Let it sit in the freezer until crunchy for about 10 minutes. Break into peaces and enjoy. Store in the fridge but there are usually nothing left to store. At least not in my house! 🙂

The raw cacao butter smells amazing!


The thick batch I poured into a small loaf pan to make it cm thick.


But I prefer the leafy thin ones, can’t get enough.


And then I thought It would be a good idea to put some in a couple of bananas and throw in the oven… yum! Like a banana split minus the ice cream.