A little chia pudding to start off the day with

Breakfast in bed this morning felt nice after a fish and sushi feast last night. I didn’t eat anything raw, just to be clear 🙂 This is a super easy pudding with almond milk, chia, cinnamon, cardamom topped with cherries ( lots at the farmers markets now), cacao nibs and coconut. Use sweetener if you want, like raw honey or so.


chocolate coconut chia pudding

I had a chia pudding with chocolate this morning. I just mixed chia seeds with coconut milk, some coconut oil that was a little melted, honey, vanilla and raw cacao. Had it sit overnight and then topped with coconut, banana and blueberries. Chia seeds are great pregnancy food. Yum!


Chia pudding with cardamom and cinnamon

Chia puddings are the easiest to make. Just poor and stir and let sit so the chia seeds can make their magic for a couple hours or overnight. I didn’t measure when I made this one, but I used almond milk, chia seeds, raw local honey, cardamom, cinnamon and a tiny bit of celtic sea salt. Then I stirred everything well and threw it in the fridge while I went to the farmers market. When I got back I had a great lunch waiting for me. I topped with strawberries, bee pollen, fresh mint and some lime zest.  If you like chocolate you can mix coconut milk with the seeds and raw cacao and top with nuts, berries and lots of coconut flakes, that’s really good too. Happy Easter!

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