Late night snack at Gjusta

A stroll outside in the summer heat with Olive makes us end up here every so often. Whatever they have left before closing I grab. Heirloom tomato and cucumber salad with parsley and cilantro, grilled corn salad with lima beans and the last slice of the kale and onion pizza. Gimme!

photo 2

Had to steal these pics from Anna-Maria :)

Friday traditions are usually at G.T.A but this friday I forced Anna-Maria over to Gjusta instead. Haven’t been in so long and needed to breathe in all the goods they offer. Now they have even more stuff, more smoothies, juices, puddings, pastries and of course all their homemade spreads and jams plus a new cozy yard with real tables and benches.  I had a kale smoothie and a raspberry scone. Always delicious! And always amazing images from Anna-Maria.

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