Kelly’s chia shop in Hawaii

That Kelly Slater is a health food advocate is no news anymore. He eats chia seeds every damn day and have been a part of Chia Pods for a while now.  No wonder he’s still our biggest pro surfers around, at the age of 40 something. 🙂


The Chia Pod Co put him to work up in North Shore, Oahu the other day. Here’s Kelly in his beachy little Chia Shop sharing Chia Pods with the North Shore locals. Chia Pods contains one full serving of sun ripened chia seeds, fruit and coconut milk – a perfect snack on the go. No additives, no preservatives, non GMO, cup and spoon recyclable – these things are important for us label nerds. Check out their other products here.  and start eating your chia seeds today. Sprinkle it over salads, the breakfast bowl, throw it in smoothies or make some delicious chia puddings. The seeds themselves taste nada and are so good for you.


I love North Shore… says me, Marita.

Laird & Gabby – dreamteam!

I just picked up the latest issue of C Magazine (California Style) and came a cross an article about this couple, the legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and his wife, the former volleyboll pro Gabby Reece. Their approach to life is very inspiring and i met both of them a few month ago at Malibu Farm Cafe during a photoshoot-lunch.  Sitting down at a table, enjoying Helens delicious food and talk surf, Hawaii and health with these too was fun. Gabby is a amazon goddess and she has such a presence and a way about her that’s very appealing. And Laird couldn’t be nicer. Remember that he was shooting the Malibu pier during the huge swells we had this fall?

“You’re always looking for an opportunity from Mother Nature”


You should check out Gabby&Laird for food- and workout tips and much more and Gabby’s Insta, she shares easy and healthy recipes and some words of wisdom.  If you like surf and waves, here is  Lairds.

Photo by Phillip Dixon.








Aloha guide… #repost

Good morning! We had a gorgeous sunrise here and i went out with Olive to the beach for a walk. It’s a little nib in the air and i can’t help myself from daydreaming away… when it’s a little nib in the air. 🙂 Usually I dream about Hawaii, actually, that’s all i dream about when it comes to the tropicals. This time a year is perfect to go there. Its not too hot, the water is a tiny bit cooler (so you actually feel the difference) and he waves up in North Shore can be insane. Good for surfing, bad for swimming but the sand is still soft and thick. Check out my Oahu guide here for tips and tricks. I would suggest anyone who is planning a trip to L.A to head over to the Islands. It’s only 4-5 hours on the plane from here and then  you’re in dreamland. 🙂