That Kelly Slater is a health food advocate is no news anymore. He eats chia seeds every damn day and have been a part of Chia Pods for a while now.  No wonder he’s still our biggest pro surfers around, at the age of 40 something. 🙂


The Chia Pod Co put him to work up in North Shore, Oahu the other day. Here’s Kelly in his beachy little Chia Shop sharing Chia Pods with the North Shore locals. Chia Pods contains one full serving of sun ripened chia seeds, fruit and coconut milk – a perfect snack on the go. No additives, no preservatives, non GMO, cup and spoon recyclable – these things are important for us label nerds. Check out their other products here.  and start eating your chia seeds today. Sprinkle it over salads, the breakfast bowl, throw it in smoothies or make some delicious chia puddings. The seeds themselves taste nada and are so good for you.


I love North Shore… says me, Marita.