Kelly’s chia shop in Hawaii

That Kelly Slater is a health food advocate is no news anymore. He eats chia seeds every damn day and have been a part of Chia Pods for a while now.  No wonder he’s still our biggest pro surfers around, at the age of 40 something. 🙂


The Chia Pod Co put him to work up in North Shore, Oahu the other day. Here’s Kelly in his beachy little Chia Shop sharing Chia Pods with the North Shore locals. Chia Pods contains one full serving of sun ripened chia seeds, fruit and coconut milk – a perfect snack on the go. No additives, no preservatives, non GMO, cup and spoon recyclable – these things are important for us label nerds. Check out their other products here.  and start eating your chia seeds today. Sprinkle it over salads, the breakfast bowl, throw it in smoothies or make some delicious chia puddings. The seeds themselves taste nada and are so good for you.


I love North Shore… says me, Marita.

Aloha guide… #repost

Good morning! We had a gorgeous sunrise here and i went out with Olive to the beach for a walk. It’s a little nib in the air and i can’t help myself from daydreaming away… when it’s a little nib in the air. 🙂 Usually I dream about Hawaii, actually, that’s all i dream about when it comes to the tropicals. This time a year is perfect to go there. Its not too hot, the water is a tiny bit cooler (so you actually feel the difference) and he waves up in North Shore can be insane. Good for surfing, bad for swimming but the sand is still soft and thick. Check out my Oahu guide here for tips and tricks. I would suggest anyone who is planning a trip to L.A to head over to the Islands. It’s only 4-5 hours on the plane from here and then  you’re in dreamland. 🙂


Hawaii guide, Oahu!

 Switch to Aloha time and get into an Island mood for a moment. Come with me to Oahu, Hawaii. I have totally fallen in love with this Island in so many ways. The Aloha spirit is everywhere. Let’s begin on the North Shore, with about 7 miles of beaches.  I’m talking about beaches like you want them to be – with sand too soft to describe and warm bathtub waters. The North Shore is the surf mecca of the world. During it’s peak in the winter season some of the largest surf competitions in the world are held right here with the biggest surfers we have.

“The Aloha spirit is a well known reference to the attitude of friendly acceptance for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous”

The first villige you see coming from Honolulu is the artsy Haleiwa, a historic surf town with lots local charm. Here you will find art galleries, small cute restaurants and the famous shrimp trucks… those trucks are a must. Fresh caught shrimps are being cooked in delicious spices, served with a coconut if you like, underneath the tropical trees. Yes please!

IMG_6795 IMG_6802

Then, we have the one and only organic and vegan cafe on the North Shore called The Beet Box Cafe. They have all the things we like: juices, smoothies, bowls, salads and other tropical health items. Beet box is connected to a vegan food store. Very good, local, surfy and lovely – in Haleiwa.

IMG_6808 IMG_7056

Where to stay? I can recommend Ke Iki Beach Bungalows on Ke Iki Beach, which could be one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. It’s walking distance to Banzai Pipeline. Strolling on the beach distance, I mean. Waking up to this beach in the morning is amazing. The manager and owner is on Aloha time, which means that his clock is ticking a little slower than others. But relax, you’re in Hawaii, it’s supposed to be slow and chill.


Who needs fancy hotel rooms? There are no fancy hotel rooms if you want to experience the real North Shore, local style.  These bungalows are just perfect to get the right feel of the spectacular nature that is surrounding the Island. These bungalows are great, big and has everything you need, like BBQ’s, hammocks and of course, the tropics.


 If you go between November and February be prepared for some monster waves crashing at the shore! There’s surf competitions and famous surfers all over the place. It’s fun. Lots of fun to see surfers tackle these swells.


Go to the store and pick up some fresh caught Hawaiian Mahi Mahi, fire up the barbie and enjoy the sunset.


This is Laniakae and Turtle beach. Located between the Ke Iki and Haleiwa. You can’t miss it when you drive by. Who doesn’t love big turtles?


Don’t miss the beautiful Wiamea Falls park, located in the valley of Wiamea, also in North Shore. Cold water but very refreshing… and Peacocks everywhere.


Wiamea Bay is another spot where the biggest surfers ride the massive swells during the winter season. Those my friend, are crazy. Check this out! But hey, don’t be afraid to travel with kids. There are PLENTY of kid friendly waters to play in allover Oahu. These waves are rare and only come alive in the winter season, on the North Shore.


Sunset beach is beautiful. We are still on the North Shore but on our way to travel around the Island to the east side.


Before we leave, let’s bring some snacks for the road. You can’t miss this delicious farm. It’s right there by the road, across the street from another shrimp truck :). Kahuku Farms offers smoothies juices, farm harvested vanilla bean ice cream, sandwiches, papayas, coconuts, pineapples and also tours around the orchards if you like. Such a lovely place.

img_7190 img_7189

 Let’s say bye bye to all the wonderful North Shore where everything is about the love for the ocean, surf, sand and living in nature… on Aloha time and go east!


On the east side of Oahu you will find a small and chic beach town called Kailua. It’s a nice contrast from the country living on the North Shore. Here you can stroll in and out of the trendy boutiques, eat at cute restaurants, visit the farmers markets and health food stores. This is also one of my favorite beaches and a perfect place for beach activities like paddle boarding and such.


Beware of falling coconuts. 🙂


Here is how you get to this beach. And when you get hungry, walk over to Buzz’s steakhouse across the street. It’s great and where the locals hang out. The locals who reside in the beautiful Lanikai beach house area just south of the beach. You can also bring a picnic from Lanikai Juice. They have good bowls and smoothies.


While visiting Oahu, there are two places that you can’t miss. North Shore and Kailua. From Honolulu you take H2 all the way to Haleiwa and then road 83 around the island to Kailua on the east coast.


The drive along road 83 is pretty spectacular and you will not regret that you left Honolulu for this little adventure.  Mahalo!