How hot It’s been today? Around 77 or so.  I love this day  so much. I eat some good fruits reading some good articles getting all warmed up from the sun.


I beat the crap out of Justin in pingpong, which I tend to always do. Always! 🙂


I went for a low tide rocky beachwalk.


IMG_0261IMG_0265 IMG_0267

And now I’m so ready for din din.

Santa Barbara countdown

It’s about time for a quick little visit to Santa Barbara again,  it’s been way too long and I miss it every day.  Santa Barbara is my favorite place as you might know by now. This time we’re skipping downtown and Montecito for a really relaxing couple of days at a place outside of town. Eat, sleep, extremely long beach walks, read a book, sleep and eat some more is all on my schedule.  This place is absolutely beautiful.  I have been there for some Santa Barbara film festival festivities before but never stayed there. I already read all the menus and kinda planned my meals already. I know, I’m a freak… but I love reading menus so I can look forward to the dinner and breakfast and stuff. Yup, I’m a nerd! 🙂