And why is it so incredible good for us? One of the best health benefits we gain from eating raw, living foods are the many benefits from Chlorophyll. It alkalizes the body, cleanses and builds the blood, rich in enzymes, anti-inflammatory among many other things. To stay alkaline is key to a healthy body, but we all know that by now. The darker the plant is, like kale, the more chlorophyll. Superfoods like spirulina, wheat grass and chlorella are also high in chlorophyll.


Chlorophyll provides food and oxygen for living things. It’s the pigment that gives the plants their green beautiful color. It’s the chlorophyll that converts the energy from the sun into fuel that the plant can store and use to grow as photosynthesis. Does is sound complicated? Well, think of it as the “green blood of plants”. Love the Earth!

Pics: yogimommi and mine