In Twentynine Plams everything is called twentynine something. Can be confusing and you can end up at the wrong place. Twentynine Palms is a small city out in the desert on the end of Joshua Tree National Park. The road thru is called Twentynine Palms Hwy and this hotel 29 Palms Inn. It has about twentynine rooms and……I could go on and on. Anyway, this is an awesome spot for the ultimate desert experience.


We stopped for brunch on the way out of the Park and walked around a little. Cool place and a very relaxing atmosphere. It is hard to find good quality food out in the desert and the fact that they have their own little farm on the property makes the whole thing just so great and we enjoyed a really yummy breakfast.


The place has been around since the 30′s and is the place to stay if you don’t wanna camp out – which I totally understand.


A room can look something like this.


A unique place. The only natural oasis in the high desert.


Book a room and have fun!