Ocean breeze breakfast

I was here at Malibu Farm as early as 9 am for a good and healthy breakfast – organic kale apple juice, quinoa oatmeal with coconut milk and berries.  So warm and nice already, good waves, mellow and just perfect. Perfect the Malibu way where weekdays are so chill.  In the beginning of the pier Helene just opened an outside lounge where she serves ice cream, acaii bowls, juice, organic sodas, coffee, tea, smoothies and things.  She is doing something really good for Malibu, I think.

IMG_1627 IMG_1623 IMG_1622 IMG_1620

Heirloom L.A

I get inspired by so many things on a daily basis. I think that Instagram and food blogs from all over the world are the two main sources to pick up some good inspiration for me.  True food artists who creates beautiful things are my favorites. Heirloom L.A are one of them – a catering/foodtruck company based here in L.A. The chef is fantastic and creates the most deeeeeeee-licous and mouthwatering meals with local sourced ingredients. Just look at these creations? Should we just throw a party for no reason so we can hire them? Heirloom L.A.

Crostini-Station-Heirloom-LA-3 Crostini-Station crostini-Heirloom-LA-31  crostini-Heirloom-LA igHeirloom-LA-2 Yolk-Flour-LaunchHeirloom-LA-6 Yolk-Flour-LaunchHeirloom-LA-4

Eat outside, it tastes so much better!

I love browsing pics of outside dinners. I just get inspired and want to create this on my own. I so wish I lived on a small ranch so I could go pic my own veggies in the garden. One day! This is from a dinner in Santa Barbara.
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