There is always something fun to do in California and one of our favorite things is to pack the car and just go. Justin explodes if he doesn’t get out in the wilderness every now and then and I’m a big fan too. Who wouldn’t be a big fan backpacking around in places like this?


Huckleberry Finn?  I had a heavy load on my back but actually got used to it after a few minutes and it was mostly downhill for an hour or two. So magical to be wandering around in the Golden Trout Wilderness in the Sequoia’s,  lined by lakes, lush green meadows and jagged peaks.


 Our home for the weekend. A small light weight tent and then the small foldable kitchen to cook all the gourmet meals in…


… If I caught a fish, which i didn’t. All the bears probably eat all of them already.


Hurry, dinner is served! It’s freeze-dried  Curry in a Hurry and Scrambled Eggs with bacon, organic and all. We had lots of energy bars and stuff in the bear proof container though… so we were ok. 🙂


Good morning! To wake up like this in fresh air and the sound of the river on a sunny day was absolutely fantastic. I did sleep with one eye open… in case. Always be prepared in the wild. We have to play their game.


Some hot tea in the titanium cup that weights nothing… just saying. Good morning baby!


I guess the weekend has come to an end and its time to put the backpack back on and climb UPHILL nonstop again. It was hard, I’m not gonna say anything else. Thanks to the spectacular view i managed pretty well.


Over the hills and far,  far away. If you’re considering a backpacking weekend i would recommend this place. We barely saw anyone at all which was  a little scary but nice at the same time. So great to fill your body with some good oxygen and get a great workout at the same time. in almost untouched nature.  What an amazing place California is.