Another kind of Sunrise on Abbot Kinney

I dropped by Another Kind of Sunrise this morning for some good fuel. This is a sweet little gem down a hidden path on Abbot Kinney.  A whole in the wall. Small menu. Great menu. Only open for brekky and lunch with a large following.  I hear that people are bragging about their Buttery Brew coffee where they blend coconut oil, grass fed ghee and roasted organic coffee.  They serve gluten free goods, smoothies, herbal teas, cold pressed juices and acai bowls.


A shack in the alley. Down the path. Another kind of Sunrise.


The Brazilian acai bowl.


Venice are full of small little gems.


After the big meal!

Yesterdays thanksgiving dinner was such a feast! 2 different kinds of turkey (its all about how to prepare the turkey each year) lots of roasted veggies, mushroom and bread pudding, spicy corn something pudding, slow roasted stuffing, green beans with nuts and some other healthy kind of stuffing, cauliflower mash, butter with potatoes (not the other way around) and a good gravy. YUM! Our neighbor makes it really good. And then all the desserts with homemade pecan ice cream. I sleep good after a turkey meal… but today I’m going green again.


On my way to Venice farmers market to stock up on some juicing greens… but it was closed today.


So i stopped by Kreation for a green juice. Thanksgiving, blue skies, summer temps and friday. Thanks for that!

Happy socks, happy monday!

Bummer! Gjusta Bakery is closed today… hm… what to do? Well of course I haven’t forgotten about G.T.A, so I headed over there in the beautiful early morning sun.


That Abbot Kinney is growing bigger, longer and wider is no news. I see new signs of trendy boutiques openings almost every time I walk or drive along that street. Those colorful dots you see across the streets are Swedish.


Ah! Happy Socks are coming soon… or next year! How crazy it might sound, but next year is just around the corner.