Another gem in Santa Barbara

I love the smell of eucalyptus trees and Santa Barbara is a great place to inhale.  Last sunday we did a sunset hike along the bluffs  above Hendry’s beach called Douglas Family Presrve. This park is so beautiful and serene, a place for the locals to bring their dogs and to get a fresh ocean breeze. When we live up here (a few years from now ) I will do my morning runs right here,  for sure. This is a pretty short hike but if you combine it with a run down at the beach you’ll get a pretty good workout.  Santa Barbara, I can’t get enough of you.  IMG_7086 IMG_7080 IMG_7088IMG_7099

Lots of fallen trees.

IMG_7094  IMG_7105 IMG_7106   IMG_7104

Resting on a fallen tree.



“Inspirational babes” Interview

Good morning. I just did a long interview (in english this time) with the former “The Raw Food Sisters” Katrin Selmer.

We talk about making business out of a passion, life in California, healthy living and much more. Check it out and also read the interviews from the other ladies from all over the world, very inspiring. Thank you Katrin for letting me be one of the “inspirational babes”

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.29.05 AM

Play California

Breathtaking, I know! I got the Sunset magazine today with the west’s best 150 camping sites. California has so much beauty to offer, it’s ridiculous. While roadtrippin along Calis coastline, there are many nice hotels to stay at but there is also glamping opportunities. Glamping? Well, yes… it’s a little more luxurious and a more spiderless way to camp out. Good thing is that you don’t have to drag around rolled up tents and other heavy items. You just check in to these cozy yurts or canvas tents and watch the ocean play in front of you. This is Treebone resort,  and I want one of those tents. Here is where I’m staying next time in Big Sur. I found these pics on Pine & Magnolia, hope it was ok to “borrow” them. 🙂







“Stay connected to nature”

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