Top 3 Juicebars L.A

This town is juicy! Everywhere is a decent juicebar for us thirsty ones. If you’re  spending some time here it’s always a brilliant idea to visit some juice bars for the good fuel. Here are my top 3 picks.



You get to choose from homemade raw organic cold pressed bottles of green yumminess or fresh custom made from the bar.  Plus they have lots of good smoothies and other snacks and treats and cleanses. Educated staff, lots of supplements and natural beauty products. Located on Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood plus at all the Equinox gyms around town.  And also, they serve the largest Acai bowls in town.

L.A Juice

Pretty as can be. Raw cold pressed organic juices loaded with creativity, served in the nicest bottles in town. Their rose cardamom are insane. On Melrose in the fabcystoredistrict.ca17400bb6b8663a-Juices

  Moon Juice

My local juice shop, also organic raw and cold pressed. They sell their own herbs also, and other good add ons in the very small but nice little store on Rose in Venice a swell as in Silverlake. Their stuff is delicious.


We have plenty more, but these guys really stand out. Visit them and drink up. #happyjuicing

Malibu’s finest to Country Mart

I love Malibu Country Mart. A lot has happened there these past 9 years. More stores and more eateries. It’s sad to see Howdy’s go though. It’s been there for as long I can remember. That day I landed on LAX with my huge suitcase filled with my life, my friend Peter (who lived here at the time) picked me up and we went straight here for some tacos. It was a warm saturday afternoon, lots of people out and tons of surfers. What a great opening scene coming straight from Sweden, I thought. 🙂


Anyway, Howdy’s are only moving across the street to the Colony Plaza and the superb juicebar from Point Dume is planning on filling the space shortly.   I’m pretty stoked about that. They are awesome!   Sunlife Organics makes really nice Acai bowls alongside Earthbar and Main Squeeze.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.08.33 PM

The Santa Ana’s brings the heat

Woke u early, had the cravings for Malibu. headed out there again for a long beachwalk and it could NOT have been any nicer. This is everyday now, I just have to… It make me a much better person. 🙂

Malibu Road, high tide and warm waters and Olive loves it and I love the Santa Ana’s.


And of course I had to stop by my favorite Sunlife Organics for a brazilian bowl. A brazilian bowl contains acai, hempsedds, berries, banana, coconut and granola. I added a scoop of raw cacao for some extra vitamin C. You should try it, it’s good! Its funny how Marita always turns into Margarita or Martha when I’m ordering stuff 😉