designed by nature

Headed up to Santa Barbara today and while there, a stop at this Juicebar is a must. Erin’s juices are cold pressed, raw, organic and locally sourced and they all tastes really good. Glass bottled with a 2 dollar back for returning the bottle to them. Well done!


Juice Ranch


Cheers and bye bye from beautiful Santa Barbara.


Moon Juice Downtown

If you are heading downtown and feel like a healthy and cooling organic beverage, I can recommend Moon Juice next door to Ace Hotel. It’s just a tiny little square by the sidewalk where they offer a small selection of their cold pressed juices, moon milks and medicinal moon tonics. Don’t miss out! Oh, I forgot, all the treats you see there on the counter, they are all loaded with super foods, all raw, all organic, vegan and all that. 🙂


Downtown L.A


trails and bowls

We went out to Point Dume this morning for a mini hike up at the bluff. Most of the yellow Daisies are dried out by now, but it’s still really pretty and fun to watch the sea lions play in the water.  Way more fun than the huge rattlesnake Marlene almost stepped on. The first rattle of the season, a big thick angry rattle, yikes!


And then… the mandatory Acai bowl at Sunlife Organics to fill up on some good antioxidants and super foods. Acai bowls are the perfect breakfast, snack, lunch or just whenever meal you feel like.