Venice beach!

The sun is back, the early beach joggers are out again and even 1 or 2 surfers are heading for the waves. And i’m happy to have a dry dog again.


The salty air is so clean and crispy after the rain. #ilovecali


Gjusta bakery! Another pearl from Gjelina

A brand new bakery from the Gjelina guys is finally opened only 5 minutes walk from my house. What a dream to have a little bit of Gjelina and G.T.A so close to me. This place is gorgeous with a huge open kitchen, a coffee bar and lots of homemade pastries and bread, G.T.A style salads, frittatas, pies and all the things that they do so well. I’m a huge fan of whatever Travis Lett is doing… he really gets it. Thank you for making another street in Venice bloom!


Gjusta Bakery 320 Sunset Ave, Venice