Moon Juice Downtown

If you are heading downtown and feel like a healthy and cooling organic beverage, I can recommend Moon Juice next door to Ace Hotel. It’s just a tiny little square by the sidewalk where they offer a small selection of their cold pressed juices, moon milks and medicinal moon tonics. Don’t miss out! Oh, I forgot, all the treats you see there on the counter, they are all loaded with super foods, all raw, all organic, vegan and all that. 🙂


Downtown L.A


Suzanne Hall @ Chalkboard Mag

I spent my afternoon at the Chalkboard Mags headquarter in Santa Moncia with the lovely editorial director and Co-founder Suzanne Hall. Here is where she gets creative and gives the readers A Guide To Living Well. The Chalkboard Mag is the place to go for health-curious minds.  Her motto is that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach. I’m so glad she wanted to be one of our guests in the book. This girl is so warm and full of life and what she accomplished with this online mag is fantastic. Please check it out and get inspired. 

I helped her prep some absolutely delicious treats today! Ihad too many already but i can’t get enough of them… I really can’t.


Breakfast with a former vavawooman!

Katrin is in town. In Venice actually and we met up for a breakfast early this morning at Cafe Gratitude on Rose Ave.  I had the cravings for “I’m Fantastic”, the cashew crêpe with fresh fruit, coconut yogurt, maple syrup and pecans. Maybe it’s more like a dessert but since the ingredients are all from nature, I was thinking it would work as a Halloween breakfast as well 🙂


That folded peace of treat is one of the most delicious things on the breakfast menu. You have got to try it next time you’re in town. And then I tried their warm “Turmeric latte” with turmeric juice, honey and steamed almond milk. But I skipped the honey. So good and nourishing.


There is only empty left, like always when eating at this place. It’s not only raw food. They offer plenty of warming vegan dishes, all really tasty.