You are what you eat

It´s kind of funny to go thru pics and look at my diet.

What does it make me?

I think the psychedelic glass sums me up. A hot mess of plants, pizza, oysters, more plants.

I move my body with yoga, BARRE, SEX ( someone called me “omätlig”), hard work and enough play to go around.

Play with your food to open your mind and live your life to forget your age.

Fennel, egg salad with mustard salad

Fennel, egg salad with mustard salad made in Bretange

Psychedlic glass

Psychedlic glass


Fuckcancer shot

Fuckcancer shot





Oysters from work are an addiction

Oysters from work are an addiction

Peacefull pizzas at Babett

Peacefull pizzas at Babette



Indian in the hood with the boyz is the perfect day after cure

Indian in the hood with the boyz is the perfect day after cure


There is a sun behind the clouds

The one reason I choose to practice physically is that it teaches me that things can change.
Yoga being the pilar of my life but now days I also challange myself with other physicall movments.

In yoga after a while you see your body change and then you realize the same will happen in the mind. Mind stuff and emotions move.

I´m sitting looking thru texts and pictures from my life for my book project and it´s both happy times but also so much pain.
This is also an important aspect of me.

To get to know me, you need a wider view or all that beauty would be a lie. Also nothing is unique with pain. That´s not the stuff your made of.

I wouldn´t want anyone of you followers and readers to feel that I´m this super person.

I´m just like you very very human.
Yes most of the time I bubble with life and live it. The food I create is filled with color, my movments are catlike.
I want to share that just a little bit of change can make a huge diffrence in your life.

If I could change into a different version of me than so can anyone. Belive it.

In order to do so you will need to get to know the darker parts of you as well.

Lets look at it thru the physical perspective. If you have a sore back, knee or neck it´s better to get to know those parts a little before you treat it.

Like open your hips and soften your feet to get that lotus fot up. Root your hands and use your core to stand upside down.
Before you can do certain postures the fight or flight mode will have to be challanged.

Your heart will race, you will get ice cold, turn all hot, blank out, become short of breath or just hold it.
Panic and stress will control you. Emotions of all sorts will surface and thinking will become uncontrolable.

On your mat you practice for the rest of your life. You learn that the breath is THE guide and the foremost movment in its subtleness.

That´s all there is to it, wink….. Breath thru what holds you down.

Some days it will work and that fake smile will become real, the clouds will lift and you will feel a change in your heart.

Some days it won´t but at least you tried and trying is also winning over that sadness or panic you feel.

There´s a bad ring to the phrase nothing is permanent because then what you have to hold to day might not be tomorrow.

But if what you hold on to is a big chunk of blackness then that to will go away and change.

If I can so can anyone, even you.

Live, life and love.







Recept på sunrise oats (overnight oats)

Kärt barn har många namn.

Jag kallar denna frukost, mellis eller any time boost sunrise oats eftersom jag vanligtvis serverar den tidigt på morgonen efter dagens första yoga klass på retreats.
Den här råa kall gröten är en favorit på alla retreats och vi har den även på menyn på Matmarkanden.

Superenkel och vill man köra helt glutenfritt kan man byta ut havregryn till ris eller kikärtsflakes som finns på välsorterade mat butiker eller hälsoshoppar.
Kör man risflakes blir det som en nyttig risifrutti om du adderar bär i din skål eller TA kopp.

Sunrise oats a la DetoxLife

4 port

4 dl havre, ris eller kikärts gryn/flakes

6 dl vätska, jag gillar mandel eller kokosmjölk

1 tsk kanel

1 tsk kardemumma

Häll vätskan över grynen och låt stå över natten med plastfilm ute på köksbänken.

På morgonen kan du dressa den med bär, frukt, kokossocker/kanel, frön, ätbara blommor, ja allt du kan tänka dig.

Har du barn så låt dem vara med och dressa den, det är lite pill och de brukar gilla att skapa små mönster. Edith 5 1/2 hjälpte mig varje morgon på yogaresan i Bretange med Yogaakademin.

Jag gillar att göra olika mönster och verkligen göra skålen med gröt som en “sunrise”. På marknaden serveras den med äpplen och kanel samt valfri mjölk.

Bilden högst upp har jag lånat av Fia som var en av deltagarna på yoga resan, följ henne här!