Balance is key

För några månader sen blev jag kontaktad av Hanna om den här bloggen, då i uppstarts fasen.

Ni som följt mig på Rawness vet att jag inte är den mest aktiva bloggerska.
Jag skriver för jämnan men att hitta en form som för mig är autentisk och äkta har varit svårt. Mest för jag själv är ganska knepig 😉

Nu är jag super glad att få vara en del av detta nya projekt med resten av gänget som ska skriva och dela med sig av deras liv och tankar.

Jag älskar Instagram nog mest för jag är från generationen när bild var något exotiskt, sinnes rubbat spännade och inte så Insta…. och så går det så fort och enkelt att bara lägga upp det man vill ha sagt.

Det passar även min vardag som inte är sittandes på en stol framför en dator. Följ mig på @detoxlife och @paladarsthlm för mer info om vad jag får för mig att hitta på just här och nu.

Jag jobbar som frukost kock på Stockholms Matmarknad men betoning på växt baserad “raw food”.
Plantbaserad yogurtar serveras med acai och frukter i psykadeliska glas ihop med ägg/kaviar mackor och avokado mash på råg.

Jag vill ha ett frukost ställe där ALLA kan hitta något att äta. Är genuit trött på all “matrasism” som gör att man ofta måste springa på flera ställen för att göra ett sällskap nöjda med vad man ska inta i dryck och mat form.

Jag är själv en alla ätare och inte en av de mest hälsosammare personerna. Jag gillar dubbelt och vill gärna äta kakan men ändå behålla den. Balance is key är mitt motto.

På denna blogg kommer mitt fokus vara att förmedla det jag gör på IG fast med lite matigare innehåll.

Yoga, mat, vin, sex, vänner, bild, natur, konst ja allt som inspirerar mig och för mig vidare genom livet.

Allt från mina favorit hang outs i världen till hur liten och ensam man ibland kan känna sig. Ord och bild.

Förutom Matmarknaden befinner jag mig mitt i ett pariser hjul av olika projekt där det första är en resa till Bretange över påsk veckan med Josefin och Yogiakademin.

Jag som kock och kommer även leda yogaklasser vilket jag även gör i Stockholm på yoga studion Altromondo ett sten kast från mitt “första” jobb. Här hittar ni mig varje fredag 17.00 – 18.15.

Så stay tuned för rapporter från Bretange nästa vecka!


superfood makes superbody

eat clean to get dirty

why be healthy if you can´t indulge

why indulge if you can´t be healthy



Acai bowl så som den serveras på Stockholms Matmarknad varje vardag 7.30-10.00


Yogiakademins psykadelsika glas så som jag serverade den i Biarritz i höstas, nu mot Bretange!


Life practice

I was totally worn out and sick when I boarded the plane to Biarritz. At home I wake up 45 minutes earlier to do my practice.
Peoples reaction to this is why?

I can´t see how I could not. Daily practice has been part of my life for the past 16 years in one form or another.
It´s a thermometer of my physical, mental and emotional state. It gets me through the days and mirrors where I am.

Of course the physical aspect is a big part of it, even more so when not working as a yoga teacher.
My body is active the whole day and stress is the key ingredient in my life at the moment.
Ideally it would´t be like this but life is seldom ideal. I´m working with and thru whats around me. Trying to not get sucked into the dramas at work and in my personal life.
Of course this is impossible but with the practice it becomes very apparent what I can change and what I can´t. This makes it easier to focus on transforming a shitty situation into something productive.
I have not succeed with this the weeks prior to my trip.

So even though not part of the yoga retreat as a student and with work to be done both there and else where.
The nature, silence, people, making food the way I love to, local organic markets, and with time to really practice every day made me feel a little bit less fragmented than when I left.

And we’ve laughed a lot. Josefin, Peter, Isabel, Gonzalo, Jessica and Shay where a great crew.
Yogaakademin and Surfakademin are run by Peter, Jens and Josefin. They are travel agencies for yogis and surfers looking to deepen or learn to practice yoga and surf in different parts of the world.

Vera learnt how to surf with Surfakademin who took her to the beaches along the coast of France and Spain to find just the right waves.

New friends where made and I remembered a part of me that has been neglected for far to long.














The body and the naked food made with loads of plants, color and love

The days when vegan food was considerded weird or too “hippie like” are numbered. Very soon we, who love this food will all be able to get what we desire and have longed for at other places than in our own kitchens.
And it will look beautiful and taste even better.
The plant food movement around the world is seeing to that.

Top of the line resturants such as Noma have vegan chefs and use water cleaners to enhance their vegetables, both taste and quality. No one is excluded. And in the process nature is taken care of, local products are brought to light as well as local farmers.

At my work Stockholms Matmarknad we seek out the best products. Plant or animal. We get inspired and learn from each other so we can bring our hay to the stack in this movment.

More and more people grow their own veggies. Foraging and urban farming are two of this seasons most used words on IG.
People are starting to care about thier food and where it comes from. Food is starting to matter.

Raw food is not only for hardcore yogis and health freaks.

To use products such as chia seeds, buckwheat and drink juices are becoming more than a silly trend.
The methods used by raw food chefs have caught the eye of other chefs, or it it the other way around.
Who really care as long as the word is spreading that this is just another way to prepare food. It broadens the spectra of what we can eat and it makes us healthier even if that isn´t what we sought out to become.

I´m one of the lucky ones and can eat almost everything in normal amounts. If I overindulge or underindulge I feel bad.
Both body and my mind gets disturbed. BUT note this it has taken me all my life to get to this point and the journey has been hard and painful.

But it was worth it and it continues everyday. I hope for the rest of my life and the richness it has brought to me I hope to share with others.

I practice yoga daily and have done so for the past 15 years, no day is the same. The practice changes as life moves on. It´s just like brushing my teeth. I don´t really think about it but without yoga as without the brushing it is just unthinkable.

All of this and more has helped to deal with my low self esteem and disrespect to my body. I´m 41 years now and as I look at pictures of me at lets say the age of 20, I can´t get passed the thought, why was I so unhappy with that?

Well the answer is simple to me now. Your body and how it looks has little to do with what you eat or don´t eat. That´s just the headache, the symptom of something much deeper rooted in you.

The eating is just a way to control what can´t be. And to not deal with what actully can be dealt with.

As with alot of these issues we deal with them in quite harsh ways. We feel bad that we have issues and this becomes a hinder to becoming more healthy.

Who doesn´t have issues, if it´s not food it´s something else.

This is why plantfood is not diet to me and it´s not food as medicine. It´s just like brushing my teeth. I don´t really think about eating this way and would rather eat a good goatscheese than over eat nuts and seeds. Just as anything else when eaten to much makes me sick.

Thur my blogging here I want to create a forum where instead of talking about detoxes and cleanses as removing the lustfullness in life. To transform the “detoxlife” into finding the tools to add the good stuff first.

First you learn how to crawl then walk. And then you can make what you want with your world.

Recepie for sprouted wild rice risotto below.


WIld white currants

WIld white currants

I make plantfood every weekday at Stockholms Matmarknad

I make plantfood every weekday at Stockholms Matmarknad





The color purple

The color purple

WIldrice risotto with almond parmesan

WIldrice risotto with almond parmesan

Just me and some petals

Just me and some petals. Photo: Fredrik Skogkvist.


Wild rice rainbow risotto.

Soak 2 dl of wild rice over night.

Rinse in morning and let them sprout for 3 days.

Turn the rice in tarrogon, lemon zest, cold pressed apple cider vinegare and cold pressed oil of your choice.

Mandolin half of a small cauliflower head into the rice mix. If you can find purple this will boost the dish in color without effect on the taste.

Pimp with small tomatoes, again use color!

Color is such and easy way to make any dish go from a bore to a beauty!!!!!

Almond parmesan is easily made with soaked and rinsed almonds and for better taste you acctivate them in 40° in your oven. I prefare to work with dry nuts instead of wet.

Here I used 1 dl of almonds.

3 tbs of kombucha.

2 tbs of nutrient yeast.

1 tsp of turmeric.

Lemon juice and zest, maybe half a lemon.

1 tsp of pink salt.

Mix and use straight away or store in a cheese cloth for 2-3 days.