Sitting down with The House of Dagmar

Dagmar sat down with Johanna Ljunggren, raw food chef, yogi and author of the blog Detox Life. She has collaborated with us on events, creating stunning dishes that reflect our collections and shared values. We love her decadent take on raw food, which does not compromise between pleasure and ethics.

Villa Lena

Yoga and playtime.

Starting January I`m back teaching again although now 1 class a week and not 17….

The class will be at Altromondo yoga studio which is run by Jennie. Fridays 17.00 -18.15 a perfect after work class or a nice treat before the weekend.

Me and Jennie are also organising a yoga/food retreat to the amazing Villa Lena in Tuscany in May.

With artist staying at the Villa to take workshops from, me using Villa Lenas own products to make food, while doing yoga, wine tastings or just chilling this is one retreat I would do if I wasn´t working on it.

Go the Jennies web for more info on classes here in town and to find out more about the May retreat.


Yin and yang.

Stockholms Matmarknad where I work has really good produce. Veggies, frutis or proteins.

When making dinners for friends this is where I do my shopping.

Kippers with persimmon on raw nutcheese bread.

Oysters with smoked chili and tamari. Lime lots of lime.

Burnt kale, all plants will be prepped and cared for with love.

But not only the detox bits are great here. Now you can get some real hardcore snaps because AAhlborg and Surehof has collaborated and made some great tasting “skål” material.

If the fuck cancer turmeric shot is yin shot than this is the yang one!