Breakfast with a view

It was a multigrain pancake with fresh fruit and maple kind of morning. Watching the surf while eating a delicious breakfast on a sunny day in Malibu, must be one of my all time favorites. Helene, the owner of Malibu Farm Cafe will share a another yummy breakfast recipe in Superhälsa – Happy healthy Lifestyle.  Stay tuned and have a nice day. 🙂

IMG_0583 IMG_0586

Some brunch

Went for a late brunch at Saltair today. The place that has one of L.A’s best lobster rolls. I had my mind set on one of those little beauties but then I took a closer look at the meny and realized they actually served some good looking brunch too. So we had a bunch of brunch instead. We got a mushroom omelette (french style), gravlax with poached egg, croque madame and a green pea toast. The green pea thing was really good.

Does it look like it’s cold outside? No way! It has been insanely hot here today.

IMG_0467 IMG_0469 IMG_0473 IMG_0477

That greenhouse restaurant I told you about.

So, we finally went to The commissary at the Line Hotel in Koreatown. It was a cool spot but smaller than I expected. Food was good. I was hoping for a little more I think, but for brunch, it was good. I liked how they made it cozy with lots of flowers hanging from from all over the ceiling. The cocktails are made with fresh squeezed juices and the food is all locally sourced OR their own. I’m drinking a apple and pineapple juice – a great combo.


A sunny day, I think this place is really pretty.