Had to steal these pics from Anna-Maria :)

Friday traditions are usually at G.T.A but this friday I forced Anna-Maria over to Gjusta instead. Haven’t been in so long and needed to breathe in all the goods they offer. Now they have even more stuff, more smoothies, juices, puddings, pastries and of course all their homemade spreads and jams plus a new cozy yard with real tables and benches.  I had a kale smoothie and a raspberry scone. Always delicious! And always amazing images from Anna-Maria.

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Bone broth, the new health trend in L.A, Vardagspuls.

Did you watch Fredagspuls on Tv4 tonight? My awesome friend Angelica Rundberg did a feature about a new big thing that is trending here in L.A – bone broth. Bone broth is rich in minerals and boost the collagen among lots of other things. She is interviewing Suzanne Hall about the matter. Suzanne is the editor of The Chalkboard Mag… a trendy L.A online mag with focus on health and wellness. And she is also one of the guests in Superhälsa. Yay. Well done Angelica. She is also interviewing the owner of Another kind of sunrise on Abbot Kinney where they sell homemade broth for anyone curious to try. I haven’t tried yet…. but I will. Check it out here, 6 min into the show. 

 Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.34.57 PM


New store alert!

Abbot Kinney is growing constantly. One of my favorite brands Vince are opening up soon for example. Great stuff! This is also a good one. Sundry – the softest most comfy clothes ever. Sweats and tees and pants. And yes, across the street you see the Swedish Happy Socks store… also soon to be open. Heja!