Banana sushi’mon

Afternoon banana sushi? Ha, I knew it. Did you know that Ziggy Marley has his own superfood brand? It’s called Ziggy Marley Organics and he sells coconut oil and hemp seeds and I love his stuff.


I saw this banana sushi on their FB page and had to try it. I like bananas, nut butters and hemp seeds, so why not make a banana sushi? Spread nut butter on a banana evenly, then roll it in hemp seeds and sprinkle some more on top, cut and eat. The whole family will like and they get a great source of plant protein as well.




Smarta snacks, Mamma chia!

Vilken härlig dag! Först en hike, sen lite beach play. Med oss hade vi givetvis lite smarta snacks, som den här chiapuddingen från Mamma Chia som kommer i sådana där barnmats grejer. Äpple och kanel, dagen till ära.

What a lovely beach day. Mamma Chia is a great snack to bring to the beach. Apple and cinnamon anyone?

Mamma Chia

Olive kände att hon ville ligga intryckt mellan melon och klippa.


Fantastisk fin strand förresten.. men mer om den lite senare. 🙂

Gorgeous beach by the way… more about that later 🙂


Mamma Chia.