Forest feast inspiration

Happy friday to you all. I was browsing thru some cookbooks at Firefly the other day. Firefly is a store on Abbot Kinney where they always have a great selection of fun cookbooks. Here is some food inspo for your cabin in the woods. Don’t have a forest cabin? Oh well… ok then, I think it might work anywhere :-).  Erin Gleeson is a food photographer/artist and she shares her vegetarian recipes, prepared and served in her little cabin in the woods here in Cali for anyone who likes easy and delicious food. I’m interested in the asparagus tart, the zucchini bread… well, all of it AND the cabin as well.  Check out Forest Feast for some more ideas.

IMG_6693 IMG_6686 IMG_6687 IMG_6694tumblr_n9t17d5WnB1r4p2epo9_1280By Erin Gleeson

Emmy’s turmeric and cauliflower

I wish i got one of these at the General Store the other day. Pickled vegetables are good,  if they are made with a little extra love, are homemade by Emmy, made in small batches with organic and seasonal veggies.


Don’t miss this gem on Lincoln Blvd in Venice. You can find some rare things there.


Bountiful dinner at waters edge

Farm Dinners are not only trending here in L.A. This a-perfect-way-to-dine concept is now being seen allover the place, like up in Morro Bay, which is a perfect spot to get fresh goods straight out of the ocean. So why not get together and enjoy some of the best seafood and greens from some of the best farmers and fisherman’s.


Happy fisherman’s friend.


These dinners are about introducing guests to the farmers who provide the ingredients for the meal.


One thing that caught my eye while reading the menu was the dessert – Sea kelp ice cream. Very interesting and probably very good too.


 Doesn’t it look cool with a long communal table out by Morro Rock?  Morro Bay is located a couple hours up the coast from Santa Barbara. There are so many hidden beaches California to be discovered, it makes me wanna go roadtrippin. :)


Pics from Santa Barbara Magazine.