Hälsokick rabattkod!


Hello guys! I’m on a plane over to Sweden at the moment. This time I get five weeks at home. Five relaxing weeks with long warm and sunny evenings – is what i have ordered. I just wanted to let you know that I have a a discount code for you. My book is out next week and if you klick the link, you’ll get a discount :) I will see you in Sweden!

Koden är giltig augusti ut och man skriver in “Hälsokick” i fältet “kampanjkod”.

Hälsokick rabattkod


Saddle peak lodge – a true hidden gem

Saddle Peak Lodge is absolutely amazing and a true hidden gem, if you want some peace and quiet. Take your time to drive away from the city, up the canyon and enjoy something completely different for a while. This place is hidden of the beaten path of the mountains above Malibu and is a old school, wild game kind of place. The patio is so rustic and pretty, surrounded by flowers and their own little herb garden. They serve expensive meat dishes here but please don’t let that scare you away. They offer fish and salads as well and if you get here between 5 and 6pm there is a “5 bucks everything” on their happy hour menu which is fantastic. High quality dishes for that price is really nice. This place is famous for their Elk tenderloin and they serve it with a butter knife, thats how tender it is. I am kidding but you know what I mean. You have to experience this place, the patio, the wooden rocking chairs in the garden and the canyon views even if you’re not a meat fan. Promise you check this place out!

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Juice ranch talks juicing

I posted this Q&A on my old blog a couple a years ago,  but I feel like i wanna share it with you again, and also for the new readers. I think Erin’s thoughts on consuming these green drops are pretty inspiring. Now, a couple years later they HAVE their greenhouses and have opened up two more locations with their cold pressed and organic delicious juices. This is a really great juicebar and i hope they will make their way down the coast one of theses days.


I am sitting outside Juice Ranch – Santa Barbara, sipping on a “Love Potion #9″ which is a pressed juice with apple, raw apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and maca. It tastes delicious. It’s afternoon and It’s starting to get busy here and soon there is a line out on the sidewalk with thirsty SB locals. Juice Ranch offers organic green vegetable and fruit juices and shots like “E3 live” and “barley” and cleansing programs tailored to your needs as well. I’m here to meet with Erin Gomez, the owner of the shop to hear her vision and thoughts about juicing and why It’s so important for us. And I hope that you will be inspired to get into juicing, If you haven’t yet.

What was your vision when you decided to open up your Juice Shop? the first one in Santa Barbara.

My passion has always been about that food is medicine. Santa Barbara is a pretty health oriented town but there isn’t that many options when it comes to health food. I used to live in Guatemala and when I was down there I was cooking and I was around food and herbs all the time and I loved it and I love being in the kitchen. So I found that juice is like is the confusion of love – medicine is food, food is medicine. I wanted to bring that to Santa Barbara, because there was a need for it. I got my boyfriend and my friends into it and they loved it and then this spot opend up so…. why not just do it.

How Important is it for you to get the produce for your juices from local sources?

That’s one of our high standards – organic, locally sourced and using glass bottles. Local is really important to us and SB is such a community driven town, we live off of eachother and we help eachother out. We just got awarded because 90% of our produce are locally sourced. And actually, we will be growing our own food in the future. We just rented a few green houses on the Gaviota Coast, so growing our own food is a dream, I love gardening.

What can costumers expect to find when they visit Juice Ranch?

They can expect amazing friendly service, everything organic, different flavors. I put a lot of energy and time into my juices and my whole vision was that I wanted people who are new to juicing that haven’t done it before to find something on the menu that they can enjoy, I am very much of a visual, I love things bright and beautiful, so If it can be healthy, beautiful and taste good. That was my hope for coming in and experience that.

You also have cleansing programs, what’s the benefits from them?

We tailor them for everyones needs. If you never cleansed before or if you have, there is something for everyone. I think that with our juices you don’t really miss eating food because they are really good and filling. We don’t water down our juices so you are getting lots of nutrition. It’s six juices plus two hydration waters – which is one Aloe Vera water and one E3live Chlorophyll water. We use alkaline water for it. I think our cleanses are a little bit stronger than most cleanses, so if you really want to detox and heal I feel like our juices are tailored for that.

What would you say is a “quickfix” for the body for someone who is not used to drinking veggie juices?

As far as the juice I would say the “Greens n’ Ginger” here you have the greens but there is a little apple, lemon and ginger to sneak in there which is anti-inflammatory and nourishes the body and the first time that people try it, they enjoy it and they feel the difference. That’s the most popular one.

If you have one message to people , what would that be?

Whether you are buying it from us or anyone else, I think everyone should get into juicing, it’s such a great way to get three or four pounds of produce with all those nutrients, enzymes and vitamins into the system and really make a change. If you start with juicing you will also notice that your body starts to crave it so you make healthier choices. I think it’s a great and simple way and that’s what we are trying to provide. Easy accessible fast food nutritions.

What is your “hidden gems” in Santa Barbara where you go to relax and reload?

There is Lotusland, It’s a hidden gem. It’s a beautiful 40 acre garden in Montecito. That’s one of my favorite places to go. The Gaviota Coast is also another one. I love to surf and being in the water and take the boat out. I love being in the nature.


Juice ranch.