Quality time, California style!

My lovely boyfriend keeps sending me pictures of hikes and sunset beach runs and stuff. I think he wants me to come back :)  It makes me miss California a lot this morning. When I do get back, the warmest month will begin. September is absolutely delicious and october is so crispy. I have tons of plans for this fall. If Justin get what he wants, we’re roadtrippin down to Scorpion bay in Mexico for some surf and tacos. I love roadtrips, tacos and surf. My other plan is to be busy working and squeeze in some quality time together with my two favorites.

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What do you get if you mix a bubbly probiotic beverage with strawberries and watermelon? You get a kombuchasmoothie loaded with antioxidants and live, active culture that tastes amazing. 


I walked by a bookstore today and said hi to myself in the window. They made it so nice, I’m so thankful.


Afternoon on the terrace with Stockholm as a backdrop,  cheers to that!


Yummy chocolate smoothie @ matapoteket

If you feel like a delicious and healthy chocolate (raw cacao) smoothie you should head over to Matapoteket on Bondegatan in Stockholm. I had one the other day, so good. They also have juices, shots, homemade kombucha, more smoothies, raw food, super foods, raw ice cream…. well, you know what kind of place I’m talking about – they have the healthy thing going on, over there. :)


Matapoteket – Mainly Raw