Venice canals – almost like Venice.

I took a stroll along the Venice canals yesterday. The canals that made Venice, Venice. It’s the most quiet part of town even though the beach and all the craziness is just a block away it feels like you’re in a completely different part of town. If you go to Venice, please make sure you don’t miss this cute part. Walk up and down the bridges and take a walk through Europe.

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“Crack life open”

Today! I miss Sweden (going soon), I miss Hawaii too (not going soon), been eating coconut things all day (feels like Hawaii), I’m so happy the June gloom is over (can come back any day), I’m happy to be living by a beach and to crack open a coconut and drink the lovely water if I want to.


“mind, hearts and coconuts are better when open”

I like that Jessica Alba is the new face for Zico coconut water She is on billboards all over town.


Organic crunchy granola with coconut yoghurt

Good morning monday. I walked over to Cafe Gratitude to work a little bit over a bowl of crunchy homemade granola, coconut yoghurt, cinnamon and fruit. I prefer yoghurt made from coconuts. It tastes so fresh and living, if you know what I mean? Coconuts are one of the most nutritious foods mother nature has to offer.


Cafe Gratitude on Rose.