The Crazy Good Salad from Melissa’s

Who said vegetables are boring? It’s the opposite my friends. I had some chard and kale left from Melissa’s Farm Box so  chopped it up together with some red cabbage and fresh coconut meat. Don’t ever throw away a coconut before scooping out the meat, you never know when it might come in handy, if you don’t eat it right away. I usually throw it in my smoothies but using it for salads is also a really good idea. I like salads with a hint of coconut. I also cooked some quinoa and tossed it together with the greens. Just before the quinoa was done boiling i added 1 tbs coconut oil, just to get that extra coconut flavor plus all it’s amazing health benefits. For dressing i whipped up some lemon juice, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, sea salt and pepper. It doesn’t get much easier than that. A salad with cleansing greens, nourishing goods from the coconut and some ph balancing apple cider vinegar was just a perfect dinner for me yesterday. Justin enjoyed too. He got two sunny side eggs on top of his bowl. :)


Don’t forget to order your own box of delicious greens. 

Another gem in Santa Barbara

I love the smell of eucalyptus trees and Santa Barbara is a great place to inhale.  Last sunday we did a sunset hike along the bluffs  above Hendry’s beach called Douglas Family Presrve. This park is so beautiful and serene, a place for the locals to bring their dogs and to get a fresh ocean breeze. When we live up here (a few years from now ) I will do my morning runs right here,  for sure. This is a pretty short hike but if you combine it with a run down at the beach you’ll get a pretty good workout.  Santa Barbara, I can’t get enough of you.  IMG_7086 IMG_7080 IMG_7088IMG_7099

Lots of fallen trees.

IMG_7094  IMG_7105 IMG_7106   IMG_7104

Resting on a fallen tree.



A color splash from a farm box

A box full of fresh, crispy and organic produce landed on my doorstep today.  What a nice surprise! I’v been lacking a little lately with making my own juices, so i think it’s time to get some healthy homemade juice back into my system – thanks to all these delicious greens. 


But first: let’s do a Red Velvet Smoothie. I used 1 small raw beet, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cup frozen raspberries, 1 tbs raw cacao, 1/2 tbsp vanilla and a little more than 1 cup almond milk. Blend it and add more cacao and vanilla if you like. The rest of the beets are being shredded into a detox sallad together with the kale. 


Feel like some it’s-good-for-you-carrot-juice? This one is from my book Hälsokick.  For one small bottleI: 5 farm carrots, 1 large apple and 2 cm fresh ginger, all from Melissa’s farm box. Run it thru the juicer and enjoy it cold. 


Today’s greenie: 1 big leaf of curly kale, 1 broccoli flower ( not the whole head, only 1 flower ), 1 apple, 1 large cucumber, 1/2 lemon, a pinch of celtic sea salt and 2 tsp apple cider vinegar (or as much as you can bare). Cheers and drink up! 


Thank you Melissa’s for the delicious “Green Juice Box”.  One great thing with Melissa’s is that they offer free delivery from San Diego up to Santa Barbara. And for 25 bucks you get about 7-10 of organic fruits and veggies. Nothing tastes better than eating local. Cheers!