Organic crunchy granola with coconut yoghurt

Good morning monday. I walked over to Cafe Gratitude to work a little bit over a bowl of crunchy homemade granola, coconut yoghurt, cinnamon and fruit. I prefer yoghurt made from coconuts. It tastes so fresh and living, if you know what I mean? Coconuts are one of the most nutritious foods mother nature has to offer.


Cafe Gratitude on Rose.



It’s getting closer. In only a few weeks I’m releasing my very first book called “Hälsokick” where I share some health ideas and recipes with superfood smoothies, super fruits, coconuts, juices, elixirs, breakfast alternatives and other healthy snacks that will make you feel great and give you a little “Hälsokick” :)

“let’s make the rest of your life, the best of your life”

We shot the book at fantastic locations like One Gun Ranch in Malibu, Topanga Fresh Market, a beautiful beach in Santa Barbara,  at some fields and farms up in the wine country around Santa Ynez and Los Olivos and of course here in Venice.  These are some of the places that I really love, are close to the food source and nature.


The cute saloon kitchen we used for a day at the ranch…


… with a pretty sweet view.


Biodynamic farming, right there.


Delicious and crispy greens.


Morgan, the ranch manager.


Such a mess. A fun mess!


Waffle the donkey, the other ranch manager.


Fileds of kale and swiss chard in the valley of Santa Barbara. Yum!

Scenic sunday

Woke up early and hit the trail. We usually go to Topanga Canyon when we don’t have hours to spend hiking. It’s a little closer and and this is also pretty short hike, perfect to get back in time for other things. Like soccer for example. Justin introduced me to this rock when we just met years ago and has been a favorite ever since. It’s stunning up at that rock. We start the hike from Cheeney Dr instead from the state park which is a little more scenic, we think!


Caves, rocks and endless beauty and only one other person there. How is that possible?


After that we stopped by Waterlily Cafe “downtown” Topanga for some home-brewed kombucha. Now? In the hammock typing this. Happy Sunday!