Morning jog in the morning sun

What I nice morning. I woke up at 7 am and went for a jog. No jetlag so far.


A jog around the farmers.




Life on the countryside. Cows and horses. :)

IMG_5510 IMG_5511

A little peace of my hometown, Kungsör!

IMG_5512 IMG_5513 IMG_5514

Felt so good with a quinoa porridge with swedish berries afterwords. Now, I’m off to my brother to jump in the pool. Good times!


Vavawoom chicks in Women’s Health

Good evening Sweden… I finally made it over here and it’s so nice and warm. I just had some smultron and blueberries and sitting in the grass reading the latest issue of  Women’s Health. We are two vavawoom women in this issue. Me and Tanja are talking health and training and Linda Hanson talks natural beauty in L.A. Great reads for the summer, guys. Thank you so much Women’s health. I like it a lot!

IMG_5498 IMG_5499 IMG_5500 IMG_5501

Before my flight

Before a flight I make sure i drink my greens so I have some good nutrients in my system. I SO wish they could sell juices at the airports or even on the planes. That would make us a little more… green? Cheers and drink up! IMG_5436