Hello hello! This is yesterday!

1, Woke up to my own zucchini fritters on Instagram. Someone has already made them from the new book Superhälsa. Zucchini fritters with lemon yoghurt. A good healthy breakfast idea on weekends maybe?

2, Took a walk along Abbot Kinney this morning and had to stop for some refreshments and a snack here. Yup, at G.T.A for a kale smoothie and avocado toast… just so I would have been able to continue my walk thru Venice to Whole Foods without passing out in the heat.  🙂

3, I see these community garden boxes everywhere in Venice now. They are almost on every street filled with produce. Gerilla Gardening, take advantage of the space and grow food. yay!

4, As I was walking I saw this cute little tree with tiny pomegranates growing nicely. Nope, I didn’t pick any, but I sure wanted to.