So after being away for more than two weeks lots has happend and the inspiration tank is filled. New friends have been made and new projects started.

After 10 days in Grasse Provence at my parents house we went to Florence Italy the birth place of the renissance and so much more. I must say that I´m super impressed by the city, it´s people, the art, architecture, food, wine and it´s sourrondings. Tuscany is beauty.
To be quite honest it felt like coming to a place where I could actully belong. The openess and the constant artistic air made me feel that what I do and create has a meaning.

Sharing this trip will take along time, many texts, recipes and pictures as I don´t want to leave anyone out of the great people we meet.

To start of I will tell you a bit of my vistit to Orti di Pinti ( link here ) and how we got a private tour of this place by Jack who started this amazing project. The garden is an organic urban horticulture with educational purpose.
They promote sustainability, reuse, recycle, environmental eudcation, professional formation and social integration.

Things like an outdoor outhouse that lights not with electricity nor fire, but with water and an alge that “glows” in the dark. The idea was born in the favelas where candles and fire are banned because of the risk.

An african fridge made from mud pots. Recycled wooden wine boxes, cans and much more to use to grow the plants. Far from a super desinged eviorment this was more like an urban garden of eden!
For a plant lover like me tasting, touching, smelling and seeing new herbs like coconut, pina, banana mint, melon sage and the pomtato a hybrid made with a tomato plant and a potato for gardeners who lack space since it produces potato and tomato as one plant.
Many more plants and also the bees and insects loved it here. Bees being one of those bugs we should cherish the most.
I´m hoping that in the future to come and make food in the outside kitchen being bulit.

Also in the garden pieces of art where all over the garden made by local artists in Florence. One of the works was made by Giambaccio who also took his time and painted our portrait in oil. More on him and his lovely lady Ottavia later but to see thier latest project follow this link here.

Jack gave me some of the herbs so now I will try to grow them here or dry and make dehydrated salts.

For now I will leave you with some pictures of or tour. I´ve added a little text so you can read whats shown.



African pot fridge.

African pot fridge.


The bum of Giambaccio.

The bum made by Giambaccio.



Edibel flowers



A really happy me.



Herb pad.




Ginger mint.



The pomtato.



Plants in the making.




Outhouse that lights up in the dark with water and alge from bottles placed in the celing.

Outhouse that lights up in the dark with water and alge from bottles placed in the celing.


Recycled wine boxes.