It´s not only skindeep these waters run deeper than that…..

De kallas microbeads och du kan fortfarande hitta dem i tandkrämer, kropps och ansikts peelings som säljs överallt. De är för små att fastna i vatten reningssystemet och fungerar som svampar för toxiner, tungmetaller och ftalater. Leksaker och barnartiklar får numera inte tillverkas med ftalater och dessutom så tror fiskarna att det är mat.

Är detta något du vill använda för att “rengöra” huden eller tänderna och i så fall till vilket pris för en silkes len hud?

Jag använder hellre kropps borstar med naturligt borst eller en peeling som använder bra råvaror. Precis som vad vi äter borde vara så nära ursprungs råvaran som möjligt bör det vi använder för att rengöra oss med väljas efter samma princip.

Hela sommaren har jag scrubbat mig med Björk & Berries White Forest Bodyscrub som använder björkbark för peeling effekten. Rapsolja och sheasmör för den återfuktande effekten. Tillsammans med body serumet eller kropps krämen får man den där bebis huden utan att belasta miljön både inuti kroppen och utanför i naturen.

Nedbrytbart, hållbart och doftar wow!


They´re called microbeads and are still found in toothpastes, body and facial scrubs sold everywhere. They are too small to get picked up in the water cleaning plants and act as sponges for toxins, heavy metals, and phthalates. Toys and childrens products are not allowed to be manufactured with phthalates anymore and fish think the small pellets are food.

Is this something you want to use to “clean” your skin or teeth with and if so, at to what cost for that silky smooth skin?

I prefer to use body brushes with a natural hair or an exfoliator using good ingredients. We should choose what we put on our bodies with the same principal as we choose what we put in it. Close to the source

All summer I´ve been using Björk & Berries White Forest Body scrub. They use birch bark for the peeling effect. Rapeseed oil and shea butter for the moisturizing one. Along with the body serum and body cream I got that babyskin without polluting the nature around me and in my body.

Biodegradable, sustainable and it smells like wow!


To read the beauty talk Björk and Berries did with me and get the recpie for a swedish psychdelic glass read below where you also can find the link to buy the fanzine Sauvage.
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How did you become interested in raw food?

I`ve always been interested in food, flavours and tastes. I´ve lived all over the world and my parents always encouraged us to try what was offered locally. Through my yoga practice I came across this new way of treating plant based products. When I started practicing yoga 17 years ago there was nothing like this around. Sometimes I travelled aboard to deepen my yoga studying and came across this type of food.  I was fascinated by the way it was presented. All the methods used to keep it as close to its natural state.

There´s of course a complexity to some of the methods used, like fermenting and preserving, but they are actually old methods that where used before chemicals and the manipulation of products became commercial. I guess thats what inspires me in food, fashion, yoga and beauty. Keeping it as close to its natural state. Having said that I also love twisting it up a bit but without destroying the essence. That´s why I made the psychedelic glass. Lets call it distorted beauty.

First out is her interpretation of Björk & Berries in a psychedelic glass made with all Swedish ingredients
I love that the plant based movement is growing and feel that eating more vegan foods is part of trying to live more accordingly to what the earth has to offer, call it conscious eating.

But one of the issues why I started to eat a more varied diet that includes animal protein is that most of the recipes required to make raw or plant based foods are hard to find here in Scandinavia.
Coconut oil, chia seeds and nuts don`t grow here and to get the nutrients you need to function you might need to step away from diets and rules. I think it’s more conscious to add a bit of Swedish eggs, fish or meat for protein and fat than just eating chia seeds and nuts. Variation is important for both body and the earth.

When making Björk and Berries psychedelic glass I used sprouted buckwheat instead of cashew nuts to make the yoghurt. Buckwheat is a perfect substitute for nuts and good base for a protein rich yoghurt. It grows in Sweden and for those of you who are gluten intolerant you can exchange the wheat based flours with the buckwheat, as well as eat it boiled instead of pasta or rice.

Last year I made an infusion from birch sap and elderberry flowers which has been fermented during a year. Here it is my Swedish substitute for coconut water. The fermentation is good for you since it contains good bacteria needed for a happy gut and alkaline body.

Another issue when trying to cook ethically is to use everything on a plant or animal. When you buy fresh summer beets with the greens, steams and root intact use all of it. Juice, bake or cook the roots. Make smoothies, salads, wraps or other dishes with the greens. The steam with its colouring is perfect to use in smoothies and cold soups. While the root is hard and needs to be prepped one way or the other. The steam is soft and easy to mix.

P S Y C H E D E L I C  G L A S S

Sprouted buckwheat yoghurt made with kombucha and wild honey.
Red smoothie made with the steams from red beet, strawberry and one year fermented birch sap infused with elderflowers.
Rose petals and crunch.
Made with all plants and love!

Step by step

1. Yoghurt base: I sprouted the buckwheat over night and rinsed it. Poured them into the mixer with kombucha and wild honey.

2. Smoothie: I mixed red berries, beet steams and the infused birch sap.

3. In a glass I dripped honey on the rim and inside. Dusted it with lingonberry powder.

4. Put some fresh berries in the bottom, dust some powder, pour the yoghurt base and then the smoothie. To make it more psychedelic mix them in more layers.

5. Topp of with seasonal flowers, berries and dried buckwheat for crunch.